The Ultimate BMW M3 V8 Power Driving Experiences.
There is 3 excellent experiences to choose from:
BMW M3 M Power 12 Laps Experience – €195
BMW M3 M Power 18 Laps Experience – €295
BMW M3 M Power 30 Laps Experience – €495

  • Exclusive Driver Training

    What Is It?

    Learn in front, rear and four wheel drive rally cars on a specialised course that teaches rally driving techniques to give you an excellent understanding of the physics of tarmac rallying. Our purpose built tarmac rally stage offers challenging corners, blind crests, off-camber bends and up and downhill sections. You’ll get the most driving time in a brilliant selection of fully prepared rally cars, put simply, there is no better way to hone your tarmac rally skills.
  • You get the chance to drive our BMW M Power M3 V8 for 12 rally laps. In this introductory package get a taste of the BMW's iconic M Power and learn the importance of vehicle control as you make your way around our rally track.

  • The next step up from our introductory package allows you to drive our BMW M Power M3 V8 for 18 laps in total. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors you will learn a high level of vehicle control, train your reflexes and heighten your driving skills. With all of this you will still have plenty of laps to push our M3 to its limits and test out its precision engine.

  • The Ultimate BMW M Power driving experience. You will drive the M3 V8 for 36 intensive laps. Our experienced instructors will teach you how to optimise your driving style with dynamic braking, avoidance manoeuvres, oversteering and understeering. Become a PRO and experience the driving pleasure you have always dreamed of.

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