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Rally School Ireland COVID-19 Procedures

BEFORE ARRIVAL: Prior to arrival both customers and their guests MUST complete a COVID-19 self-declaration form. Click Here For Form

ON ARRIVAL: Before entering reception, a temperature check will be taken and recorded. If a temperature is high, the customer will not be permitted into the building and will be asked to reschedule for a date at least 14 days ahead. Hands are to be sanitized. A minimum number of people will be allowed into the reception area at one time. Each participant will receive a pack with disposable gloves and a balaclava/face covering which are to be use throughout their rally experience. Each driver will have their own helmet and at the end of the day each helmet with be sanitized.

SANITIZING: Sanitization stations are placed throughout the property. We ask that all customers use these stations regularly throughout their time at Rally School Ireland. A complete sterilisation of all surfaces in Rally School Ireland office is done regularly. Signage is place throughout the facility to remind customers and staff to sanitize hands. At the end of the day each rally car and helmets are fumigated with an anti-bacterial Electric Sprayer.

FOOD AND BEVERAGES ONSITE: All food and beverage items are single use/disposable where possible and customers will be seated 2 meters apart when lunch is being served.

IN CAR WITH INSTRUCTORS: Rally School Ireland has taken every possible precaution to ensure our customer safety inside our vehicles. Instructors will wear a balaclava/face mask to minimise exposure to staff and customers. Drivers will be required to wear a balaclava and disposable gloves while in the car. Each Rally Car is fitted with a protective screen separating the driver and instructor during the rally experience and communication is via intercoms.

Staff Safety: All staff are temperature checked before entering the building and are encouraged to regularly wash/sanitise their hands and maintain safe social distance wherever possible.

While in the facility masks are required whenever social distancing cannot be met. This includes inside our offices and while instructing inside the rally cars. Each team member is doing their part to self-sanitize. This includes regular hand washing, sanitization of public touch surfaces and shared spaces.

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